Convicts ... where to start?

These useful web sites should help updated March 2016


Australia’s First, Second & Third Fleet Convicts 1788-1820

Fellowship of First Fleeters

First Fleet Fellowship

First Fleet Online

International Centre for Convict Studies

The Founders of a Nation

New South Wales

Claim-A-Convict   All convicts arriving in Sydney NSW between 1788 and the end of 1813 plus many thousands

                               who arrived afterwards on various ships (around 21,000 convicts) including names of ships

                               convicts arrived on and contact details of "claimed" convicts. Very good site

Convict Ships   Listed alphabetically

Convict Index  A combination of 8 indexes containing c120,000 entries
Searchable database and online copy service

The Great North Road Convict Trail   Searchable database

Women and Female Children on the Royal Admiral 1792


Norfolk Island

Convict Ships to Norfolk Island 1840-1847   includes convict names for some ships


Norfolk Island


South Australia

South Australian Transported Convicts



Convict Ships List   voyage details plus convicts on board


Index to Tasmanian Convicts   Searchable database


Port Arthur Historic Site



Convicts in Victoria 1852-1854


Western Australia

State Records: Convict Records


Convict Database   Searchable database


Convict Ships to Western Australia 1850-1868   Searchable database



Australian Convicts Mailing List


Convict Records   Masses of links


Ireland-Australia Transportation Index 1791-1868   Searchable database


Irish Convicts to Australia   Searchable database


The Proceedings of the Old Bailey   Searchable database

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